The multiple applications of remote monitoring and network management systems ensure the safe, smooth and effective operation of a wide range of enterprises, industries and infrastructures. The reduction of operating costs and energy resources, the minimization of human supervision and involvement, the prevention and timely resolution of failures or other unanticipated factors, are only a few of the benefits provided by such applications.

Undoubtedly, the most significant benefit of these applications is that they bring a modern company closer to the future by utilizing a comprehensive, integrated and fully automated monitoring and management system.


TELCOSERV provides communication companies with intelligent monitoring and automation technologies that offer highly configurable solutions for complex applications. Τhe TELCOSERV hardware and software equipment are designed for:

  • The management or minimization of operating costs whilst providing the best network quality to their customers.
  • The monitoring and management of remote, unmanned sites, for those cases where the distance of the administrator from the base does not allow or makes difficult any resolution of problems, failures or emergency incidents.


The TELCOSERV remote management solutions support power management and energy consumption management.


TELCOSERV solutions can ensure lower operational costs, one of the main challenges for industries nowadays. TELCOSERV offers products that are designed to provide real time monitoring and tailor-made solutions that provide information to all the industry verticals on a single platform.


The TELCOSERV product portfolio provides utility companies with intelligent solutions that collect accurate time-based data which are then perfectly applied to utility networks.


TELCOSERV solutions for data centers are based on a centralized monitoring and management system which satisfies the main demands of the field: increase availability while decreasing operational costs, mainly power consumption.


TELCOSERV has long experience in providing intelligent automation and remote access and control to building security, heating, ventilation, lighting and air conditioning systems as well as to information systems and processes.


TELCOSERV offers an extensive portfolio of solutions for the remote monitoring and control of transport systems and products, designed to collect revenues, monitor and control systems.