Since its establishment in 2010, TELCOSERV S.A. has been a pioneer in the design and installation of remote monitoring and network management systems. TELCOSERV creates innovative solutions, such as remote management hardware and software and electronic locks encompassing Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE) technology with full access control systems.

TELCOSERV offers custom solutions that best serve the needs of a wide range of industrial and infrastructure operations: communication and broadcasting companies, energy and industrial sites, buildings, utilities, network and data centers and transport corporations. ΤΕLCOSERV’s solutions guarantee the safe, smooth and effective operation of infrastructure networks and company systems, while ensuring lower operating costs (less energy consumption and minimum personnel). Each TELCOSERV project is supported by cutting-edge technology and our highly trained, experienced executives. Their combination constitutes the pillars of the company’s successful presence and continuous growth in the European market.

TELCOSERV’s motto, “Connecting intelligence”, accurately summarizes the company’s vision for a better future, where technology truly contributes to the development and sustainability of enterprises, the advancement and safety of their people, as well as the protection of the environment.


The ADAPTIT group is a combination of companies operating as a single entity through a common source of control, with a wide range of activities in telecommunications, technology products, hardware and software production.

It is now an International Group with a strong presence in many countries and with many different companies:


ADAPTIT a highly-specialized company operating in the information communication technology sector (ICT). Since its establishment, in 2005, it has been constantly growing and expanding. ADAPTIT’s aim is to offer its clients integrated solutions and support, while remaining faithful to its corporate values and its tagline: EVOLUTION DRIVERS

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TELCOSERV develops advanced technological solutions for forward-looking companies willing to invest in the future; their sustainability, their progress and the safety of their people.


TELCOSERV CONSTRUCTIONS activity focus in the construction of facilities for telecommunication equipment and other construction works. Records number of turnkey projects due to many years of experience in this sector based on our core values. Creates relationships of trust and support in each project providing customers with overwhelming results.

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HELIOS EUROPE Technologies, based in Düsseldorf, was founded by the association of ADAPTIT and Fujian Helios technologies. ADAPTIT and HELIOS, two leading companies in telecommunications and wireless network optimization solutions, are joining forces in a partnership to provide expanded services in European countries. Through this strategic partnership, the two companies will further develop their existing solutions while developing new products and services.

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TELCOSERV – UK, Central Milton Keynes


Our mission is to develop and apply cutting-edge technologies that broaden human capabilities and ensure the prosperity and sustainability of enterprises.

Our vision is to produce technology that contributes to the creation of a new reality, where companies and society advance together through the interface of collective intelligence. We believe that Connecting Intelligence equals sustainability.


In a new privately owned, bioclimatic building with new modern infrastructures, we have created an excellent working environment for all employees and partners, serving our company goals to the maximum.


    • Warehouse
    • Model workshop
    • Data room
    • Supervision Room with screens
    • Electric car charging station


    • Office space
    • Production
    • Service Laboratories
    • R&D Laboratories
    • Cafe-dining area with outdoor terrace
    • Three Meeting rooms


    • Office space
    • Board Meeting room
    • Large patio


    • Parking spaces for corporate vehicles
    • Independent car park for staff vehicles.
    • Electric car charging station


Our Code of Professional Ethics is the framework for guiding the behavior of all our people. Specifically, the Code confirms our commitment to consistently comply with the laws and regulations governing the operation of our company.
See relevant document : CODE OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS

Certifications & Infrastructure

TELCOSERV applies a Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001 international standard ensuring the soundness of all operations and is also certified according to the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management and the OHSAS 18001 standard for Health Management.

TELCOSERV has all the necessary facilities and equipment, including spectrum analyzers, signal generators, power meters, power supplies, oscilloscopes, optical power meters and laser sources network analyzers, wireless channel emulator as well as in-house machinery.

View the environmental policy of TELCOSERV here.
View the Health & Safety policy of TELCOSERV here.
View the Quality Policy of TELCOSERV here.


We, at TELCOSERV consider our personnel to be our most valuable asset since it ensures the high quality of our products and services. TELCOSERV executives are highly trained, experienced and consistent professionals, who together create a cohesive chain of experts for the design, implementation and support of all small and large scale projects.


Athanasios Tzaferis

President & CEO

Athanasios Tzaferis was born in 1972. He has over 20 years’ experience in ICT industry and directs all aspects of TELCOSERV operations

“I have the privilege to lead this great company,” is saying. “I am happy to work with our very talented team of people at TELCOSERV , to build on what we’ve accomplished and deliver on the promise of our innovative products portfolio”.

Graduated with Master degree in Telecommunications and Signal Processing from Imperial London College and also holds a bachelor degree in Physics from Athens University.

Keramidas Nikos


Nikos Keramidas was born in Alexandria Egypt 1961. He is Co-founder and technology director of the company with more than 30 years of experience in the wireless telecom and mobile industry. His extensive R&D engineering management background includes broad technical knowledge ability to drive bottom line performance in developing products/processes and manufacturing. He is responsible for leading initiatives in the research and development of the new products, technology roadmap and strategic development. He holds a professional diploma in electronics, and quality assurance in engineering by SQA.

Konstantinos Koutoulakis


Konstantinos Koutoulakis is Financial Advisor with 20 years of experience developing and implementing financial systems, strategies, processes and controls that significantly improve P&L scenarios. Expert in establishing accounting functions, systems and best practices; cost-reduction, automation and tax strategies; and lasting business relationships to ensure goal-surpassing fiscal performance. Computer skills include proficiency in MS Office and various ERP and Statistical software packages.

Konstantinos Koutoulakis is responsible for the company’s worldwide finance operations.

He holds a bachelor degree from Athens University.

Laskos Pelops


Pelops D. Laskos born in 1967 in Athens is a practicing lawyer since 1990 admitted before the Supreme Court. He is a partner with Beneki Laskos Law Firm in Athens and specializes in corporate and commercial law and litigation. Beneki-Laskos was a «Corporate INTL Global Awards» and «Global Law Experts Awards» Winner 2017 for business law in Greece.

Graduated from the Athens Law School (1988), LLM (Lond) in Business Law (1991), worked in the past for H.F.W. in London and Theo. V. Sioufas in Piraeus.